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30 Apr, 2009

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Wow! My wife just launched her own blog: She really is into bags, and now she found a way to share her passion with the world! I am quite impressed with her drive and initiative to make this happen. Please check it out!


29 Apr, 2009

“Green” Grass?

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Do you have a lawn in your garden? How many of you have spent a lot of time mowing your lawns, or paid a gardener to do it for you? How much effort have you spent in fertilizing the grass, and watering it every day, such that it would continue to look green? I used [...]


For those of you who are married, how is your marriage doing? Is it still fresh, new, and exciting? Are you busy in your daily routines? Have you grown distant? Or do you hate each other? Whichever situation your marriage is in, I would highly recommend attending a Weekend to Remember conference by FamilyLife. I have [...]


24 Apr, 2009

MealCare: Meals for new Parents

Posted by: Kristian In: Christianity|Service

Having a baby is a joyful but also challenging event. Things that we take for granted, like a good meal, could become an extra burden for new parents. I am running a ministry at my church, Great Exchange Covenant Church in Fremont, called GrX Mealcare. GrX Mealcare helps new parents by providing meals within the first few months of their baby’s [...]


23 Apr, 2009

Bring your Kids 2 Work Day at eBay

Posted by: Kristian In: Family

Today, I am bringing my kids to work! eBay has an annual tradition for parents to bring their kids to work. This gives a good opportunity for kids to connect with their parents and get familiar with eBay, PayPal, and Skype. Joshua’s favorite part are the informational sessions about eBay, PayPal, and Skype. This day [...]


22 Apr, 2009

Using Google Mail for your domain

Posted by: Kristian In: Technology

So you registered a domain, and you have started a website. How can you easily use e-mail with your new domain name? The answer is simple: Use the powerful interface of Google Mail for your domain. E.G. By using the Google Messaging app and updating your domain’s MX records, you can achieve this. See [...]


22 Apr, 2009

Toastmasters Contest

Posted by: Kristian In: Leadership|Public Speaking

I am the President of eBay’s Hot Buttered Toastmasters club, where I won the club level contest. I then went on to the area level contest at Cisco, which I won as well. This evening, I will be participating at a Division level Table Topics contest from Toastmasters, which will be held right here at [...]


21 Apr, 2009

Servant Leadership by Jean Tabaka

Posted by: Kristian In: Christianity|Leadership

Today I attended a presentation at eBay by Jean Tabaka about Servant Leadership, popularized by Robert Greenleaf. There are 10 characteristics of a servant leader: Goal Setting – aim for a larger and greater purpose Principle of Systematic Neglect – highly focused prioritization Listening – hone your skill to invite insights through questions. Language as [...]


21 Apr, 2009

Shazam: Identifying music on your iPhone!

Posted by: Kristian In: Gadgets

Have you ever listened to a song on the radio, liked it, but didn’t know what song that was, or who performed it? The same thing happened to my friend April who shared on Facebook that she heard a song on the radio which she liked. She used Shazam on her iPhone to record a [...]

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