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15 Feb, 2010

The Thermos Warranty

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Do your kids’ Thermos bottles every break? If so, you might be in luck! The lids are easily replaceable and can be bought directly from Thermos. However, even if the bottom cracks or falls off, you are covered by Thermos’ 5 year warranty. Just send in your defective item to: Thermos L.L.C. – Warranty Service [...]


Given that Apple has won many people’s hearts on the Windows platform via their iTunes / iPod products, you would think that migrating an iTunes library from Windows to Mac would be a breeze, right? Think again! Instead of a simple wizard to do this automatically, there is no easy way to migrate your iTunes [...]


11 Aug, 2009

How to get a US Passport within One Day

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Our trip to the Netherlands was planned months in advance. We were ready to go and made it as far as the luggage check-in. Then the airline agent uttered these horrifying words: “Sir, your son’s passport is expired. You cannot board the plane.” At this moment, my world sank. All plans fell into the water, [...]


25 May, 2009

How to fix aspect ratios on YouTube

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Today I have discovered a cool feature in YouTube that allows you to fix aspect ratios of uploaded videos without having to re-upload the video. You can enter “yt:” formatting tags in the YouTube tag field of any video. With these “yt:” formatting tags, you can remove black borders, fix incorrect aspect ratios, and even [...]



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