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I recently took a Myers Briggs type test on Facebook and the result that I got was ESFJ. This was not surprising as I took the official test in 2002 and also got an ESFJ at that time. So,  it looks like this application is pretty accurate.  The application’s result states: ESFJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, [...]


11 Aug, 2009

How to get a US Passport within One Day

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Our trip to the Netherlands was planned months in advance. We were ready to go and made it as far as the luggage check-in. Then the airline agent uttered these horrifying words: “Sir, your son’s passport is expired. You cannot board the plane.” At this moment, my world sank. All plans fell into the water, [...]



My name is Kristian Widjaja and I am married to my beautiful wife, Yuliany Widjaja. We have two kids who keep us busy at all times!

I have started this blog, primarily to jot down random thoughts that I have, as well as to document some interesting projects that I have done around the home.