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31 Dec, 2012

DIY – Digital Piano Key Repair

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Digital pianos are great, aren’t they? Today, you can get pretty close to the real thing, while not  having to worry about tuning every 6 months, sound volume, and maintenance. Or do you?  I used to own a Roland FP-1 digital piano and after a few years of use, I found that several of its keys started to malfunction. Keys got stuck, or would refuse to play a note. What was going on here? Because of the so-called “hammer action” technology, these keys use a hammer action lever to simulate real piano keys. However, unlike real piano keys, these levers in my Roland FP-1 piano were made of plastic instead of wood. Over time, the plastic wears out, cracks, and eventually breaks apart.

I opened up my digital piano, found the problem, and fixed these broken keys by replacing the broken hammers with new ones. Here is a video of how I did it.


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