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Given that Apple has won many people’s hearts on the Windows platform via their iTunes / iPod products, you would think that migrating an iTunes library from Windows to Mac would be a breeze, right? Think again! Instead of a simple wizard to do this automatically, there is no easy way to migrate your iTunes [...]


13 Dec, 2009

The Apple Migration

Posted by: Kristian In: Gadgets|Technology

It all started with one innocent iPod. A couple of years ago, my wife, Yuli, gave me a nice 30 Gb iPod Video. That was my very first apple product. I used it, it was cool, and that was it. Then, we got an iPod for my son so that he could have white noise [...]


09 Dec, 2009

Selling on eBay for Charity!

Posted by: Kristian In: Charity|Service

My company (eBay) is doing something really cool for this Holiday season. They have provided a number of items to employees to be sold on eBay as long as 100% of the proceeds will benefit a Missionfish approved charity. eBay Givingworks is what makes this all possible. Most of these items are high valued items, [...]



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